QEF series

Watts: 60W~240W

◆  Class I Driver
◆  Input voltage:100-277Vac 50Hz-60Hz
◆  PF>0.95 ,THD<10% @230Vac Full load
◆  Eff.up to 92% @230Vac Full load
◆  LED Driver is constant current output control mode.
◆  Metal shell structure, waterproof level can reach IP65
◆  Lightning Surge : Differential Mode+/- 6 KV(2 ohm),Common Mode +/- 10KV (12 ohm)
   (IEC61000-4-5 2014)
◆  The LED DRIVER shall be applied 3750Vac for 60 seconds ( HI – POT )
◆  Comply with safety regulations,electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
◆  Long life design warranty for 5years 
◆  Funtion options: smart timer dimming(T Series)
◆  Funtion options: 3in1 dimming ,0/1~10V dimming, resistor dimming and PWM signal dimming.(S Series)
◆  Applied in: Street lamp, project-light lamp, wash wall lamp  or  other outdoor lamps and lanterns




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